Protecting You After A Workplace Accident

A serious work injury can devastate an entire family. From medical bills, to lost wages, to being forced to fit a home with wheelchair ramps or an easy-access tub/shower combo, a family can feel the very real consequences of a severe injury.

Founded in 1980, Hawn & Walsh LLC, is dedicated to providing exceptional client service to individuals injured in Bend and the communities throughout Oregon. A work injury can be the result of a single accident, years of repetitive stress or toxic exposure. Often, the accident can be traced to the negligence of a person or organization outside your own company. This is often referred to as third-party liability.

What Is Third-Party Liability?

Third-party liability is when someone who is not employed by the company causes the injury. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Vehicle accidents while on the job: It is not uncommon for work tasks to require employees to drive. If the worker is operating a company vehicle — making deliveries, picking up supplies, moving materials from one worksite to another — and gets in an accident caused by another driver, the person who caused the accident is a liable third party.
  • Defective products or construction: Another common example centers on a defective tool — for example, a power tool that malfunctions while being used by a construction worker, poorly constructed areas, or an elevator or staircase that breaks causing an accident — produced by a company outside your own organization.
  • Multiple subcontractors: An additional example comes from construction work. If an accident is caused on a construction site that can be traced back to a subcontractor on the same site — electrician, driver or materials handler, for example — that individual is a liable third party.

These cases can be complex and often require the attention of an experienced workers' compensation and personal injury lawyer. After a workplace injury, we encourage you to discuss your case and your legal options for compensation with an attorney at our firm.

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