Confident Handling Of Failure-To-Diagnose Cases

When you go to a health care provider to seek treatment for a medical condition, you have the right to expect that the doctor will use reasonable means to reach a proper diagnosis. If there is any cause for suspicion of a serious condition, but the facility lacks the expertise or diagnostic equipment, the doctor should refer you to a specialist in the appropriate medical field. The proper standard of care is for a physician to reach a differential diagnosis and proceed from that point, not to simply diagnose based upon the easiest to treat.

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Every year, many thousands of people are misdiagnosed or have their treatment for serious medical conditions like cancer or heart disease delayed because of a failure to diagnose the condition properly and on time. If you have suffered physical injury or illness that you believe was the result of misdiagnosis, call to arrange a free case evaluation with an attorney at Hawn & Walsh LLC, in Bend. We are experienced personal injury lawyers with a successful record of recovering full and fair compensation for medical negligence cases resulting in medical costs, lost earnings and wages and pain and suffering.

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